What can I expect from my first appointment? 


The consultation form 

Everyone is required to fill in a short consultation form this includes; 

 > Contact Information 

Used if necessary to contact about forthcoming appointments or to send information  requested) 

 > Lifestyle & Health Question  

Questions such as what you do for a living, stress levels & activity/sports can give me an  insight into possible causes of pain or injury as well as possible obstacles you could face  on recovery. It also helps me to provide the best rehabilitation plan to suit your individual  needs.

> Medical History

Although it is very rare, there are some medical conditions that are complete contra- indication or local contra-indications, this may have an effect on the treatment provided. It  can also provide insight to the best treatment plan and rehab. 

> Reason for Your Visit 

This allows you to say why you came. So do you have an injury? Do you want a relaxing  massage? Do you want to work on posture? Or is there any other reason?


Subjective Assessment 

This allows you to expand on your reason for coming to see me. 

If you have no injury we discuss areas you would like to work and what your goals are. It maybe as simple as you want to work on back and shoulders and want to keep it relaxed. 

If you have an injury I will usually ask questions such as: 

    • How long has it been going on for?

    • What type of pain? eg sharp, dull, tingly etc

    • What makes it worse/better?

    • Have you done anything about it before? E.g seen doctor

    • What does it stop you doing?

    • What are your goals? Eg back to sport 


Objective assessment 

Note: some or all of this part may be irrelevant, depending on your reason for coming, and will be left out if unnecessary. 

The objective assessment will look at your posture, specific movements of muscles and joints that maybe having an effect on the injury/pain/discomfort, special tests to help diagnose and rule out pathologies and palpation to feel for any knots/adhesion/tightness/etc



I will then discuss my findings with you and suggest a treatment plan.



There is usually time left to start treatment (depending on the nature of the visit this time will vary). Treatments will consist of one or more of the following techniques:

  • Massage

  • Stretching

  • Activation

  • Exercise

  • IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization)

  • Taping