Sports Therapy 

This is ideal for people with injuries. The initial appointment involves a consultation form followed by postural and physical assessment, from this I will give my diagnosis and suggested treatment and then start treatment. Treatment varies dependant on the individual but usually consist of a combination of massage, stretching, activation and rehabilitation guidelines. 

Sports Massage 

This is ideal for people who don’t have specific injuries but maybe suffer from aches and pains or want to actively correct postural issues or just like a deeper massage. Treatments will generally consist of deep tissue massage, stretching and activation. 

Massage Therapy 

This is ideal for people who want a nice relaxing massage to work out minor aches and pains and relieve stress. This uses more superficial massage techniques. 

Cupping Therapy 

Cupping uses vacuum cups to create suction on the skin, you may have seen athletes with distinctive dark circles on their backs this is cupping. The idea is to create good blood flow by drawing stagnation and toxins, from deeper tissues, towards the surface to allow for better healing. It can be used to alleviate: muscle aches & pains, joint pain, headaches, insomnia, stress, depression & many other conditions. It can also improve lymphatic drainage and is a tool for myofascial release.


Still unsure of what treatment would suit you. don't worry. Get in contact and we can discuss your needs, my range of treatments means there is something for everyone. You also don't have to stick with the one treatment we can combine. For example using Cupping Therapy in your Sports Therapy session or finish a deep tissue sports massage with a nice relaxing massage. 

New clients will need to fill in a brief consultation form (contact details & medical history) at the beginning of the first session and we will discuss your goals/needs for the treatment.