How many treatments will I need & how long should I wait between treatments?

Each person is different so their needs are different too. 

After each session we will discuss whether there is need of more sessions and how long would be best to leave it until the next appointment. 

In an ideal world we would all be getting treatment every week, even without an injury there are so many benefits to regular Sports Therapy & Massage Therapy treatments. But due to demands of everyday life such as time constraints & budgets this isn't something everyone is able to do. 

In general if you have an injury or aches and pains I would like to see you again within a week of your first appointment. This is to make sure that the treatment plan is working for you & that you are getting benefit from any exercises & stretches set. Also the first appointment treatment time can be limited by the need to do the medical history & assessment. 

If you have no injuries or have just recovered from injury I would like to see you at least every month. This is so we can be proactive in your care avoiding future injuries, correcting posture and just general stress relief.

That said we will work around what you are able to do and plan accordingly.