Do I have to wear anything specific e.g. Shorts? 



It doesn't really matter what you wear to sessions. For the massage I may ask you to remove appropriate level of clothing in order to do the massage, I will leave the room for your privacy unless told otherwise and I use towels to drape for comfort and dignity only exposing areas of skin that I am working on at the time.

I want sports therapy and massage to be a positive experience for everyone and I know that sometimes people can get uncomfortable when it comes to showing skin. If you have concerns wearing looser clothing may be easier as sometimes I can work around rolling clothes out of the way in addition to towel draping. Or if you really don't want to remove any clothes at all please don't let it put you off I can work through clothes just let me know and this is something we can work around.

It's important to know that I will not be judging you. Very often I get "I'm so sorry I forgot to shave my legs this morning" or "i'm embarrassed about my weight", it is not something you need to apologise for or be concerned about and it's not something that is going to affect treatment in anyway. 

If you have any concerns please let me know at any time.